Parker: Thank you to all those who make this column possible

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I need to rely on trusted relationships with a lot of people who keep me informed of good news on business happenings in this wonderful city we have the privilege of living and working in.

Many have been super helpful throughout the 20-plus years Around Town has been published twice each week. Thanks to them and to a growing number of newer contacts, I have had no problem in finding positive news about successes and a real confidence in Calgary’s future.

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Among those who have become friends, I must begin with George Brookman as a real supporter, and a chance to recognize him as a no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is columnist. I emailed him the morning of his recent thoughts on the death of Norman Lear, in which he thanked him for helping us laugh about ourselves and each other. I said it was too bad so many narrow-minded people did not have the opportunity to watch Archie Bunker in the 1970s and get what was behind the humour.

George also relies on a lot of friends for his ideas — I know that he has at least two breakfast meetings each week with business pals he has known for a long time. I also enjoy, and learn a lot, from regular meetings — most often with an afternoon beer or wine — with Ron Kurczaba, Gerry Garvey, Kevin Gregor, Lou MacEachern, Brad Regier, Niha Prasad-Kroliczek, Ron Nowell, Terry Moore and Pat Ottman.

Back to those early days, I continue to get calls from and am happy to show my appreciation to people such as Michael Evans, Jason Cottle, Chris Law, Bill Chomik, John Dong, Peter Mayerchak, Peter Wallis, Cathy Orr, Glen Clark, Tony James, Paul Van Ginkel, Richard White and Shael Gelfand.

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Unfortunately, friends Bert Messier, Paul Tarjan, and Tim Downs passed away this year, and I must offer best wishes to Doug Porozni, Donna Banks and Cindy Ady, who have announced their retirement, they will be missed.

Cindy Ady, one of the longest-serving CEOs in Tourism Calgary’s history, is stepping down Dec. 31 after a decade in the role to focus on retirement. Photo by Darren Makowichuk /Postmedia Network

What’s happening in Calgary real estate brings the most questions from readers who are interested in what developments are being planned on raw land, what is happening to vacant buildings and who will be moving into industrial, office or retail properties. So I am indebted to many commercial realtors who help me find the answers. They include Bernie Bayer, Jon Mook, Marc Rosso, Justin Mayerchak, David Wallach, Mike Kehoe, Marshall Toner, Steve Vesuwalla, Mike Warner, Jeff Robson, Chris Saunders, Cody Watson, Aly Lalani, Bob MacDougall, Chris Howard, Doug Johannson, Wayne Hill, Kevin Deeks and Iain Ferguson.

Developers continue to show enormous confidence in this city with newsworthy projects. Among them are Cody Clayton with Remington’s Quarry Park, Mike Brescia at Uxborough and James Robertson for the job he did at University District before moving to Taza Developments.

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Others — and the architectural, design, consultant and construction firms who support them and are so important to this column — include Sean Flathers, Sam Boguslavsky, David Lam, Vince Dods, Chris Bourassa, Bill Mitchell, Chris Ollenberger, Bruce Abugov, Frank Kaspar, Ross Roy, Arup Datta, Paul Derksen, Rick Andison, David Routledge, Marc Staniloff, Jim Mitchell, Patricia Verburgt, Jerilyn Wright, John Third, Lisa Gibson, Dustin Couzens, and Michael Brown.

The better public relations practitioners understand my columns and what would be meaningful to readers. Among the very best are Jessica Harcombe-Fleming, Bob Sumner, Paula Worthington, Ellen Parker, Noelle Aune, Lana Rogers, Shauna MacDonald, Erica Morgan and Bonnie Elgie.

Most of all, I would like to thank the many who just encourage me in what I write.

A nod here to Bob Holmes, Rosemarie Enslin, Victor Choy, Gerry Wood, Mark Wilson, Eric Sit, Lance Hurtubise, Fred Edwards, Raymond Kan, Vern Jones, David Farran, Sandra Giorgetti, Misheck Mwaba, Clark Grue, Paige O’Neill, Melvin Foht, Mike Shaikh, Helmar Basedow, Ron Salverda, Hal Walker, Ross Glen, Harvey Thal, Vincent Leung, Jan Eden, Frank Sisson, Laureen Regan and Phil Libin.

And thanks to the editorial good people who look after my columns; a joy to work with. And to my faithful readers.

A Merry Christmas to all.

Forgive me if you feel you have been left out — give me a call and let’s renew a missed acquaintance.

David Parker appears regularly in the Herald. Read his columns online at He can be reached at 403-830-4622 or by email at [email protected]