Letters, Jan. 23: Justice failing trucker in Humboldt bus crash

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There is no level playing field anymore in this country, not where immigration is concerned nor the metering out of justice. We have high-profile politicians breaking the law who get a slap on the wrist at best, and we have hardened criminals committing offences who then manage to have their deportation delayed or rescinded on ridiculous technicalities.

The Humboldt bus crash was an unbelievably tragic accident, but what purpose does it now serve to deport Jaskirat Singh Sidhu back to India? To a certain degree, this young truck driver was a casualty of antiquated transportation regulations; that’s on our government, not on Sidhu. He has served his time and been remorseful for what happened.

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There was no premeditated malice involved.

I believe Sidhu deserves a second chance to stay in Canada with his young family.

Chris Bishop, Langdon

Alberta welcoming international medical grads

I’m writing on behalf of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) in response to the recent opinion piece on Dec. 11 on how nurse practitioners can complement physician care. We thought the article presented the strengths of each profession in a balanced and thoughtful approach. It also highlighted how care teams can collaborate to support safe patient care, which has been our mandate for more than a century.

As Alberta’s medical regulator, our role is to licence physicians and physician assistants, and part of this work involves assessments for International Medical Graduates (IMGs). While the article states that only 40 spots are available in Alberta for IMGs, this is specifically referring to the Alberta International Medical Graduate Program administered residency route.

There are several other pathways available through CPSA for IMGs who have already undergone training elsewhere to become licensed in Alberta. One of these pathways is our accelerated Practice Readiness Assessment (PRA) route.

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Since the program launched last January, CPSA has been pleased to provide letters of eligibility to more than 169 applicants to date. Collectively, with our traditional PRA route, these pathways represent a significant milestone for Alberta, showcasing our leadership in PRAs across the country and our commitment to facilitating the entry of qualified health-care professionals into our province.

Dr. Michael Caffaro, CPSA assistant registrar, registration

Make pension views known

The Dec. 19 Calgary Herald featured a double-sided, full-page advertisement outlining the dangers and risks of leaving the Canada Pension Plan for the UCP’s proposed Alberta pension plan. One side was federally funded, while the other side was funded by the NDP.

I tore it out, added some comments, signed it and put it into an envelope to mail to the premier.

Not sure it will change anyone’s thinking in government, but I did my small part to make my views known. You can do the same.

Peter Teppler, Calgary

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