Hesson: Children's books for the new year 2024

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365 How to Count a Year

By Miranda Paul, Illustrated By Julien Chung

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(Beach Lane Books)

This book brilliantly explores everyday happenings in the world within a year, breaking down events into weeks, months, and one year. It also explores the world of math by further calculating a year into hours, minutes, and seconds. It is filled with fun drawings, humour, and activities children can relate to. Young readers will learn and laugh and be inspired to think about how many times they see a sunset, say good morning, and put on clean underwear. A wonderful way to discuss time and look at every second of life.

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So Long Stress

By Helaine Becker

(Scholastic Canada Ltd)

This colourful book is an awesome resource to help anyone who has ever dealt with stress. Bright pictures, easy-to-read print and helpful sidebars provide examples of what stress can feel like, and the many ways it can be managed. Different strategies range from breathing techniques and rest to using movement and choosing the right food. Readers are encouraged to feel and express their emotions using creativity and art. There are suggestions on how to deal with conflict and information on where to get help and support. This must-have guide on well-being is for children, parents and teachers.


Game Face

By Shari Green

(Groundwood Books)

Narrated in lyrical free verse, Jonah reveals his anxieties. He loves hockey and especially playing with his best friend Ty. However, when a medical condition takes Ty out of the game, Jonah’s fears are exemplified, and he questions his competency. The death of his mother and his father’s constant worrying, along with the high-pressure position of being a goalie, bring forward Jonah’s doubts, but also his determination to push himself and learn how to live with stress. Jonah’s story will have readers relating, caring and turning the pages, hoping for his success.

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The Space Between Here & Now

By Sarah Suk

(Quill Tree Books)

Seventeen-year-old Aimee struggles to keep her life in proper order because of a strange condition that causes her to time travel back to certain memories in her life. Her triggers are smells related to everyday moments. Her Appa refuses to talk to her about it and has left many questions unanswered when it comes to the disappearance of her mother. Aimee travels to Korea to find her mom and learn more about her affliction. There she meets a new family, gains new friends and unravels some mysteries. Readers who love the supernatural will enjoy this fantasy mixed with real-life concerns.

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