Calgary Herald Letters for April 23: Sadness as sun begins to set on Saddledome

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I watched the last Flames’ game of this season on TV. They showed many drone shots and videos of the Saddledome. I shed a tear of sadness.

What idiot (pardon my French) decided to demolish such a beautiful, iconic building?

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Stan Majcherkiewicz, Calgary

Senseless spending on city rebranding

I thought Chestermere had a mayor and councillor problem. But spending $4.8 million to rebrand Calgary to the Blue Sky City? Let’s just call it the Blue Sky Scam.

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I likely don’t have a right to comment as I am not a Calgary taxpayer, but where are their heads? What is this woke society doing to our great nation — from the federal Liberals to our municipal governments?

We are doomed.

Gord Peters, Chestermere

Calgary’s new slogan panned

When Calgary and many other cities across this country are dealing with issues such as homelessness, drug addiction and mental-health issues, it’s unconscionable that the political class would waste $4.8 million to change the city’s slogan.

Ask any people on the street if they feel more welcome because of the rebranding? Ask any of them if they were consulted by the insultants?

After reading about this dumpster fire, a better moniker would be “spin city,” considering all the hot air being expelled to justify this stupidity.

Paul Baumberg, Dead Man’s Flats

Vote-buying federal budget fails Canada

The recently unveiled federal budget promises huge gains. Those gains will be in the size of government. The civil service will expand by thousands to distribute all the new goodies that the Liberal-NDP coalition has promised, and more thousands will be required to pry more “fair share” out of the already overtaxed public.

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What will shrink is the Canadian economy: more non-productive government spending means a less competitive economy, and less long-term prosperity.

I guess that is what happens when you have a federal government that is desperate to remain in power and is willing to destroy Canada’s economic future to achieve that goal.

 Don West, Calgary

Bigger reach for budget cash-grab

Who are these people who are among the top .13 per cent the finance minister identified in her budget?

They could include: Any young person or couple trying to save enough money for a down payment on their first home and needs to invest in an ETF or mutual fund to get there sooner. Anyone who owns a rental property or cabin at the lake, or any asset that triggers a substantial gain in one year and needs to sell it. Any pension plan set up to serve the people who are fortunate enough to have one will have to shift to more riskier assets to fund it at the same level.

I could go on, but perhaps it might be easier to identify the .13 per cent that are not affected by this change at some point.

Tom Spenceley, Calgary

Roads crumble as city pays for pet projects

Has anyone else noticed that our roadways have been deteriorating at an amazing speed? Spring road heaving regularly happens but not to the extent this year.

Has the city maintenance department been diverting road maintenance funds so the city can pay for pet projects like arenas, Arts Commons and the Green Line?

Mismanagement will cost us in the long run when we can no longer cover the problems with a little hot patch every spring.

Fraser Smith, Calgary

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